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SQL Server Coaching

I’ll teach you how to find and fix your problems, and stick with you to coach you through the process.

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SQL Server Performance?

Confusion around SQL Server performance tuning is common. There’s a lot of bad advice out there.

Pair that with consultants who feed into the myth that you can’t fix your own issues, and it’s no wonder you feel frustrated.

I take the mystery and misery out of the solutions to your problems.

Build a Stable SQL Server Environment

It’s natural to worry when you don’t know what’s causing your SQL Server performance problems.

Sometimes all you need is a coach to review your work, and teach you how to fend for yourself.

Other times, you need an experienced set of hands to solve some tough problems for you. Someone who has flipped that rock 1000 times.

Want me to fix your SQL Servers?

Expert consulting services that let you get back business

Performance Tuning

Resolve speed and availability issues across your data platform with a tuning engagement.

Health Checks

Not sure if your SQL Server is in any condition to thrive? I can help you assess your environment with no strings attached.

Corporate Training

You’ve got a team of people who have to make SQL Server go faster, and need training with a personal touch. I can design a curriculum to fit your situation based on what’s going on in your environment.

New Server Environments

I can design your new environment to be stable and fast. We’ll work together to make sure your systems are architected for performance, set up to scale, and built to last.

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Hiring me means executing a proven process:

The perfect mix of consulting and coaching.


Untangle Performance Issues

With a two-day performance analysis, you get a complete view of your performance issues, and learn how to solve them fast. No problem is too big or too small. Satisfaction is backed up by hundreds of happy customers.


Review and Build a Roadmap

You need a path forward: whether you only care about fixing today’s performance problems, or you want to build your knowledge about SQL Server on a stronger foundation so you can fix tomorrow’s problems, too.


Schedule your coaching calls

If you want ongoing support from me, we can scope and schedule that based on a thorough assessment of your environment. We’ll review your progress, and work through any issues you’re not quite able to get past.