Just How Live Are Live Query Plans?

Driven to Abstraction

Query plans are generally amusing things. They aggregate huge amounts of information, and then draw it up into a pretty picture that we make a living trying to understand.

Live query plans show you what your query is doing while it’s running.

Sort of.

They don’t show blocking.

Hidden Run

They also don’t show spills. Say I’ve got a query running, and it’s taking a long time.

I’ve got live query plans turned on, so I can see what it’s up to.

21 minute salute

Hm. Well, that’s not a very full picture. What if I go get the live query plan XML myself?

There are three operators showing spills so far.

Leading me on

Frosted Tips

Even if I go look at the tool tips for operators registering spills, they don’t show anything.

Do not serve this operator

It’s fine if SSMS doesn’t decide to re-draw icons with little exclamation points, but if information about runtime and rows processed can be updated in real-ish time, information about spills should be, too.

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