SQL Server’s sp_getapplock Is Pretty Cool


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4 thoughts on “SQL Server’s sp_getapplock Is Pretty Cool

  1. Thanks for the video! Stumbled upon sp_getapplock and found your video which helped confirm it was how i was going to solve for a major production bug. You video was the first place i saw the concept of locking a non-object…very cool. In my case i used it to create a lock on a block of code within a stored proc as only this one segment required concurrency to be blocked.Thx!

  2. Much appreciated for making the video. Had come across the docs on sp_getapplock but wasn’t positive if it worked this way or not. I’ve used pretty much the same thing in Coldfusion for locking specific sections of code by IP address. I’ll have a general name describing the event and just append the IP address to the end, and then lock based on the concatenated string. Needed to do the same thing her but for a specific row in a table, and this should let me do that.

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